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Soul Drug

by Ron Sunshine

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I Remember 03:35
I remember walking home in the rain I can never forget your face and it's still the same I remember sitting' up and talking' it through I remember everything about you I remember the dress you were wearing when I met you You wanted to make sure I'd never forget you Baby if you let me now, I'll let you 'Cause, I remember everything about you Temptation comes my way I may look, but I got nothin' to say Cause I remember everything about you
The World keeps on spinning No wonder we don't know which way to go The end and the beginning are the places we may never know Did you ever stop to think what brought you to the brink ask yourself a thousand questions listen to your own confessions (CHORUS): Plant the seeds and watch em grow When the day breaks you will know what to keep and what will have to go Plant the seeds ..... Just be careful what you sow You got the future under your control Your head keeps on spinning Your feet don’t seem to touch the ground Could it be you’re dreaming or is it just the other way around Satisfaction feels so far away And your reaction is to hide away Your situation is nothing new All you need is someone you can hold onto (Chorus) Bridge: Counting all the steps you tread on hollow ground every breath is taken by surprise You pray there’s nothing there that’s gonna weigh you down Day after day slips away in the blink of an eye (solo) (chorus) Repeat, out
Mean to Me 04:52
You’re on me in the morning about clothes on the floor I’m trying to drink my coffee and you’re on me some more you seem to have a problem with everything I do well I got a problem and my problem is you CHORUS Baby you’re so mean to me, mean to me (2x) and you know how much you mean to me, yeah yeah You're mean to me When we first got together everything was cool but lord have mercy the time how it flew it seems so long ago I can hardly remember how did we go so quickly from June to December CHORUS Well I can’t believe the pleasure but I can’t stand the pain I can’t be without you so here I remain You got me where you want me so what can I do I’m kinda gettin used to what you put me through Chorus repeat end on riff
There For Me 03:23
It’s ten past sunset, got my radio on headin to the city again My brake pads are squeekin, my radiator’s leakin But I got enough gas to get in Yes I’ve got to get to work to make my pay But now all my troubles seem so far away while I’m travellin, straight across the Brooklyn Bridge The lights of the city, they shine so bright like a diamond in a jewelery store But money’s so tight, the price is too high for someone like me to afford But it’s alright livin out on the slope I can see Manhattan through my telescope A stone’s throw, just across the Brooklyn Bridgeı Take it to the bridge (dialogue) Well it’s five in the morning, the sky is glowing and the birds are singing their song In the rear view mirror my age is showin I been working for so damn long But it feels so good to be goin home Cause no matter how far this old body roams I’m almost home when I’m rollin cross the Brooklyn Bridge
It’s been such a Long time Since I’ve felt that Thing for you You’re no longer sunshine ain’t there something we can do Every time I look at you You know you really turn me on But when you treat me like you do All those feelings up and gone Baby why Don’t you treat me right I’m tired of fighting with you every night Baby why Don’t you treat me right Treat me right You used to be my fantasy you used to my dream come true Now I don’t have the energy to tell you what you’ve turned into Baby why Don’t you treat me right I’m tired of fighting with you every night Baby why Don’t you treat me right Treat me right It's up to you, it's up to me to see how happy we can be It's up to you, it's up to me love alone can set us free
President 03:19
I’m gonna be the president of the US of A And when I am, things will be much better than today I’ll have bacon and eggs in the morning Sugar in My tea Rich folks will pay 10,000 dollars just to have dinner with me Living in the White House, I won’t pay no rent Everything will be free when I’m the President Instead of sleeping in the subway, I’ll have my own jet plane I’ll be sipppin’ on fine beaujolais, and gettin off the NIght Train Instead of tryin to cop a get-high in alphabet land I’ll be going to summit meetings in Russia and Japan You’ll see miles and miles of footage of everywhere I went I’ll be on TV when I’m the president If you elect me president, I’ll never let you down When I am commander in chief, there’ll be plenty to go around Lots of free champagne. ticker tape parades and fireworks displays every day When I am the president of the United States Maybe then my unemployment checks won’t get to me so late I’ll 20 pairs of shoes and de-signer suits And someone there just to dress me up, and shine my boots I’ll have a government accountant to tell me where the money went I’ll be livin it up when I’m the President
You can pull a fish out of water, but you can’t make him breathe You can paint a fancy picture in your mind, but it still won’t be me I’m not into worrying about what the future holds What’s the sense of botherin about what I can’t control I’m sorry that there’s so much trouble in your mind You got nothing to lose, so trust me one time Let go of your cares, that’s the thing to do Sit back and relax.....everything is cool There are only so many hours you can fit into a day And when you can’t get everything done, you fret the night away Thinking you’re a fool, you hang your head in shame thinking if I only did this or that, it might not’ve been the same But it’s all over now, back into the past The way you feel right now,, it ain’t gonna last You did the best you could, that’s all you can do So sit yourself down right now....Everything is Cool You can sit and count your pennies til your fingers turn green You can scream and shout and fuss about, try to ventilate your spleen You can pace the floor back and forth til the carpet gets a hole But all these things you try to do won’t satisfy your soul It’s hard for me to watch you in the shape your in But it’s no worse than other places that you’ve been I know you don’t know what you’re gonna do Give yourself a break....Everything is cool
Something’s always on my mind nothing is easily defined nothing nothing nothing -is perfect everything is there for you to see but nothing’s gonna set you free nothing nothing nothing -is perfect, yes it is Nothing is perfect Nothing is what you expect Nothing ventured Nothing gained Nothing causes me no pain Nothing is perfect Everything is everywhere Something is definitely in the air nothing nothing nothing -is perfect,(2x) Nothing is perfect Nothing is perfect Nothing is what you expect Nothing ventured Nothing gained Nothing causes me no pain Nothing is perfect My television’s trying to sell me something But don’t it know I already got me nothing nothing nothing nothing -is perfect Nothing is perfect Nothing is what you expect Nothing ventured Nothing gained Nothing causes me no pain Nothing is perfect
Explode 03:54
I come home to a pile of bills my wife’s complaining and I want to kill My car got towed and the rent is due me and my girlfriend are almost through I can’t find a way to escape I’m about to have an overload Everything is twisted out of shape I think I’m gonna explode Politicians lying scum and I forgot to load my gun cause when the police come knocking at my door you know i got to have my forty four Yes I need some kind of relief maybe I’ll get back out on the road maybe find a new set of beliefs I think I’m gonna explode They raised my goddamn interest rate cause I paid my Visa one week late My ex-wife just came back to town she got the house next door. I’m gonna burn it down Now is the time for the payback I’m collecting everything I’m owed You see me coming, boy you better stay back I think I’m gonna explode
Too many fingers pointing down down down Promises are left out in the rain Loving eyes are nowhere to be found Gets so we don’t even feel the pain Sly said we can make it if we try so when am I gonna hear you say--- Love is on the way (riff) Love is on the way Complications greet us at every turn The trick is when you learn to ride the waves If you see the fire comin, you won’t get burned You can be the master, not the slave Now I’m gettin back into my freedom Nowadays I can only pray-- That love is on the way (riff) Love is on the way Every god’s supposed to be the answer Every preacher claims to know the way But orthodoxy’s just another cancer If you listen to the wind you’ll hear it say Love is on the way (riff) Love is on the way Meaning’s always killed by repetition The truth is bought and sold by the pound Words are politicians’ ammunition but we can keep our feet on solid ground Love is on the way (riff) Love is on the way when am I gonna hear you say--- Love is on the way (riff) Love is on the way


RON SUNSHINE'S 1998 FUNK CD IS CALLED SOUL DRUG, a collection of eleven original songs designed to groove you into the millennium.

Take a laid-back, soul-infused, jazz-inflected and funky journey into the realm of real musicians playing real instruments--the way music was meant to be heard and felt. The groove is addictive, but good for the soul.

This is the music you want on your stereo when it's time to drive to work, time to party, and definitely when it's time to get down, if you know what we mean. Try a little SOUL DRUG for what ails you. It works, and there are no known side effects.

Update on the musicians who played on Soul Drug
Andy Hess (bass), after stints with the Black Crowes, John Scofield and others is now the bass player for Gov't Mule. David Santos (co-writer and co-producer) has gone on to play bass for Billy Joel, The Neville Brothers, John Fogerty, Crosby, Stills & Nash and others. Doug Petty (keyboards) has been playing with Shawn Colvin, LeeAnn Rimes, Enrique Iglesias, and has recorded with Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and many more. Catherine Russell has been heard singing backing vocasl for Steely Dan, and is now a regular member of David Bowie's band. Frank Daly (guitar) has been Bo Diddley's second guitar player for several years. Hear them all together on SOUL DRUG.


released May 29, 1998

RON SUNSHINE: lead and backing vocals, harmonica, tambourine
CRAIG DREYER: tenor sax, lead vocals on 8, backing vocals on 9, drum loop on 10
DOUG PETTY: piano, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
FRANK DALEY: guitars
ANDY HESS: electric bass

with special guests:

CATHERINE RUSSELL: Backing vocals on 2, 4, 8, 11, 12
FRED WALCOTT: percussion on all except 5, 8, 10
PAUL FRAZIER and DAVID SANTOS: backing vocals on 3, 9
BABI FLOYD: backing vocals on 6
WALTER SEAR: theremin on 10
FEATHER FRAZIER: handclaps on 5

Produced by Ron Sunshine, Bil Emmons
Original sessions produced by David Santos
Recorded and mixed by Bil Emmons
Recorded at Sear Sound, NYC
Mixed at Eastside Sound, NYC
Mastered at Sear Sound by Fred Kevorkian
Additional recording done at World Studios, NYC
Cover Photo: Manny Salzman
Design: Lydia Mann

Dedicated with love to the memory of Howie Wyeth


all rights reserved



Ron Sunshine New York, New York

Singer, songwriter, harmonica player Ron Sunshine was born in Denver, moved to NYC in '81, and started paying music full time in '90. He has released six albums, toured internationally, and recorded &performed with the likes of Dr. John, The P-Funk Horns, Pinetop Perkins, Wilson Pickett, and many others. Ron & band continue to dazzle from NY to Los Angeles, Paris to Stockholm, Bermuda to Red Bank. ... more

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